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--Raves - -

I am going to start off each of these E-Zines with a positive note and Rave about shooters or clubs that have gone above and beyond in order to further our sport.

  1. Thanks to Donna Raahauge for forwarding my message to her list of sporting shooters. You are and always have been a close personal friend.
  2. Thanks to Rick Stell for setting some of the best targets that Raahauge's club has seen for a while.  I did not shoot the tournament but did help a few students out on the targets and they were more than fair and fun!
  3. Big time Raves for Chris Stephens, Bruno Lombardo, and the guys at Quail Point. It is hard to put on an event that promises to "Kick your Butt". And it did! Beautiful targets that were ALL hittable yet caused the shooters to reach down deep for their best game to control what was presented. If this does not happen again, it will be a crime.

-- Rant--

I will attempt to always rant less than I rave.--

  1. I hate hearing cry baby's whine about "hard targets". If you call a target hard, YOU have disabled yourself before you even call pull. Farther and faster targets simply take more lead (forward allowance) in order to hit them.  Always remember this..... the lead (metallic particles) is NOT scared. It is my true belief that if you hit targets that make you uncomfortable about the distance you are shooting, they will make you more comfortable on shots that you used to call hard.
  2. I shot with Andy Duffy a number of years ago at a US Open FITASC.  Both Jill and I saw him break a small piece off a target that the judge did not give him. We spoke up but Andy said nothing. He knew he hit it, and we knew he hit it. Afterwards Andy said "any time I have ever BEGGED for a target, it cost me two more". Begging is embarrassing and should be left to our dogs, however this rant is not about beggars. I am  P1$$3D about the number of blatant; get out the pencil and fix it- Score card repairers (cheats). People are watching, paying attention, and your integrity is worth more than a few targets at the local club shoot where HONOR is keeping score. Shoot addendum to this - pay for your extra targets too ya heab!


--Barrel Awareness--

If you are one of my students you have heard this from me before.... I believe in acute barrel awareness.  I believe in knowing where the barrel is. I believe in barrel/bird relationship (i.e. gap).  I believe you cannot correct what you cannot see.

Now those of you that are new to my perspective of shooting may actually believe you have no freakin' clue where the barrel is when you shoot. When you miss; all you need to know is if it takes more or less gunspeed. Good luck with that.

As a matter of fact, 90% of the targets that I watched go unscratched last weekend at Quail Point were not missed because of lead at all.  The move shooters were making to approach the target were off the line. When you are off the line, you will never connect with the target by changing your lead.

I think YOU.....yes you, can be "aware" of your barrel without "looking at" your barrel. I want you to take a test for me.  I want you to drive down the highway or freeway while staring at the white line the entire time you drive for 20 min or so (be cautious and don't wreck).  I think you will discover that for years you have been "aware" of where the lines were without staring down them. I am simply proposing the same type of focus. I think you usually know when you are too close to the white lines without crossing them. (as long as you were not texting).

I had a friend say to me this week, you are teaching what Gil and Vicky Ash are teaching. NO.... they are just now catching up after 15 years of Move Mount Shoot. Or was it feet beak bang. Mabey both.

--One of Life's Lessons--

I shot for many years constantly changing the methods I used and grasping for things that I believed would better my shooting. I poo pooed the idea that a pre-shot routine was really all that important for many of those years.

I was (write this down) WRONG. A solid consistent pre-shot routine is paramount to more consistent shooting. It brings your focus to the task at hand while shutting out the background noise that is so prevalent on the sporting clays course.

My pre-shot routine has grown to involved many carefully arranged parts. Communicating to my mind everything that I expect my body and eyes to do once I call pull. When all goes right I should need to only look at the targets and the barrel should just get were it needs to be automatically.

Word of caution, it is easy to find yourself using your pre-shot routine for the first couple pairs in a cage, then getting in a hurry to "get out of the cage". When you skip the routine, you can get out of the cage faster, but usually with a lost bird to go with it.

--Tell a Friend--

I am starting this E-Zine out with a small list of my friends and clubs are graciously forwarding it for me. I would like to invite you to do the same. Simply forward this email to anyone you think would benefit from information about better shooting and growing the shooting community.

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Lastly, I have been contemplating doing what I have done for 25 years (seminars), for the shooting community. When I get enough people interested in attending I am going to hold some. I have the content ready to go. Just need interested attendees and a place to do it. 
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