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I wish I could tell you all the clients I have had, and all the things that they have said. This page is simply a short list to give you an idea of what to expect of me. I deliver, or you don't pay. This has always been my guarantee.


Darrin I am attending your seminar for the third year in a row. I wish I knew you when I was the prepress manager at Adobe.

I have been running my printing company for 10 years. I never expected to learn this much.

What a phenomenal trainer who knows what he's talking about. Extremely informative. Truly Unique

Fabulously Excellent Darrin.

Great teaching, and Fun too! I can't wait to apply what I have learned.

You are one extremely skilled and intuitive instructor.

Amazing! Darrin really knows his subject matter. I have never learned as much from any other workshop I have taken.

The instruction was very organized and you answered all of the questions posed by students in a way that was clear and understandable.

I loved it! Up to this point, I've taught myself everything I know (mainly using YouTube and Google). I'm so excited to go to work tomorrow. You rock!

Cheeky Presenter! Good FUN!

Darrin you were excellent. Very informative and you kept everyone's attention the entire time. I learned more with you than I have in two years of school.

I have been using Photoshop for years professionally. I cannot believe I have a full page of notes on how to make better selections.


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