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Darrin Graviet MBA, has been speaking and writing on web and print design tools and technologies for 20 years (view a short client list and comments). Speaking in nearly every state in the US as well as most of Canada. Darrin's straight forward methods communicate in a way that gives you the ability to master the skills in a fast, easy, understandable process.

I am done traveling. Starting today, I am taking a new approach to training. I am going to be available by appointment to set up a skype or goto meeting session for you or your group. The goal is to not just present a "canned seminar" for 40 to 400 people as I have done in the past. How many times have you gone to a seminar just to find that everyone was a different level than you were? Did it seem like most of your time was wasted on the wrong topics? Or perhaps the seminar spent too much time on the wrong education level?

I want to save you time and money, by spending time on only the things you really need to know. I guarantee to cut your learning curve by years. With a small group of questions your session will take off in high speed..... See my training page for more information

Topics Design related:
Photoshop - see my Photoshop history page, did you use dual floppies?

Shooting Related: If I cut your learning curve by years, I am going to save you thousands of targets. That is money in your pocket! Take a look at my Sporting section.
Wing Shooting - put more birds in your freezer this year.
Sporting Clays - I will change the way you shoot!!


"Regardless of whether you are working a graphics job, building a website or even shooting clay targets.....your knowledge of what and why you are doing things makes all the difference in your success!"
Darrin Graviet



Stay Connected - Email: darrin@graviet.com