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My History with the Adobe Creative Suite - By Darrin Graviet

In the early 80's I was introduced to personal computing. I was working on a punch card computer at the time in college. IBM had just introduced DOS as my college days were getting rolling. Honestly, WordStar saved my college life. I was buying whiteout by the gallon to use on type written pages for English.

While I was taking accounting courses at Delta College, Lotus 123 was introduced and I was seeing that my computing needs were growing. Also, this is where my training days start; right there in the student training lab at Delta College.

About the time I was working on graduating, and starting my career as a typesetter, Adobe was pushing a new way of doing typesetting using what they called Postscript. Shortly after, Knoll software was trying to get Adobe to do something with their imaging software (licensed as Barneyscan at the time). Next step for me of course was going to be a Macintosh loaded with Illustrator and Photoshop.

After using Photoshop for years I became a trainer which led to being a trainer full time. Working for local training companies, National wide seminar companies, as well as presenting seminars under my own banner.

Being lucky enough to be in the Sacramento area, I had easy access to many of my favorite companies to work with - Level One, NEC, Intel, HP, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, Wells Fargo, Washington Mutual, CISCO.


I hit the road nationally and taught Photoshop 5.0 in nearly every state of the US in the first couple years. As well as many Canadian Providences. 15 more years, two grown kids, and 8 more releases of Photoshop leads me here today....

Updating my website for the first time in years, learning to use social media right, and hoping that I can survive on my own without travel by doing what I love most.....Sharing my expertise and experience with those that like to learn fast and correct. Because their is a right way to do things in Photoshop, and there are 1000 wrong ways.... Go check out Youtube. Watch some videos, as soon as the person (I refuse to call them trainers) doing the video uses the eraser, they are an idiot.... As soon as they feather a selection....they do not really know Photoshop....As soon as they paint with a soft edge brush....they do not know Photoshop like I teach Photoshop.

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