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OK, so you made it this far and are wondering can this guy really help me. The answer is YES. And it is guaranteed 100%. I have trained hundreds of thousands of Photoshop Users to become their very best in the shortest possible time. No one in the entire industry trains or uses Photoshop as I do, and I can get you where you want to be fast.

To know Photoshop well, you must know three things inside out.
1- How to make PERFECT selections
2- How to work PROPERLY with all the different forms of layers
3- And lastly you must MASTER the immense power of masking.

If you use the eraser in Photoshop.
If you make feathered selections in Photoshop.
If you use softening on brushes in Photoshop.
I will change all your techniques in Photoshop. As I have used none of these for 15 years.

If you think the web is 72 dpi and print is 300 dpi, you have been suckered in by the masses that think they know how to train about graphics. I cannot believe that after over 16 years of web development people are still teaching this garbage. I can give you a "real" understanding for the proper image size for every use. Are you making images for facebook? Go here to see how to size them right for different uses including Facebook, YouTube, Google.

Most trainers teach people steps to accomplish "tasks" in Photoshop. Just follow these "steps" and bang your image is perfect. Have you ever noticed that their technique worked perfectly on the image that they chose to perform the steps on, however failed to look good on your needed image? Did they teach you how to adjust their wonder technique when it failed? Of course not. I believe that this method of teaching is absolutely wrong. I believe you should develop a powerful understanding of the tool and apply that understanding in order to accomplish anything you wish. After learning from me the powerful concepts that I teach, you can watch all the youtube junk that is out there and do a better job of accomplishing any task with better control over your images.

If you are an Expert/Pro at Photoshop. most trainers fear you because you may know more than the trainer doing the seminar. And most of the time, with the big seminar companies, you may vary well be better than the trainer they sent to your city. These companies have started to hire the cheapest individuals they can in order to save money. Their goal is to hire the least expensive person they can that does not get too many people asking for their money back. A business model for failure if you ask me, but what do I know.

I do know this.....If I do not blow your mind in our one hour session, you have nothing to lose. We will stop, and you pay me nothing. It is that easy. And you will not even have to tell me how much I taught you, because I will know by our conversation. I am willing to bet that you will say I have changed the way you do everything in Photoshop. Also if you just want to go over all the "need to know" changes in Photoshop. over the last few releases and how to use them correctly, I am here for you. I will show you the things Adobe has built recently, and how to use them properly.

skype training


1. Reach your goals faster. Since it will be just you and I, we can get right to the thing you need to know and not waste time discussing things you already know.

2. Accessibility.  You can learn at home, work, or even if you are on the road, where-ever you and your computer go.


1. Internet connection/computer.

2. Photoshop, any version I know them all.

3. A ready and focused mind for learning at the pace you desire.

Set up your learning session with me by sending an email today. Put "training" in the subject so that you get on my hot list for an appointment. I will set up a skype session with you promptly. If you have a group, I can also show up to your business for a live meeting based on your needs.

Then before your scheduled time to meet with me, come back to this page and use the "buy it" button to pay for my services. It is that simple. I will walk you through it if you need help.You can set up an hour, or a discounted two hour session. Regardless of your level of expertise two hours is the most I will need with you at any one time. You can also come back here to tip me if you care to. Once you realize how powerful what I teach really is! I think you will feel that I am "giving away" value and really deserve much more. I have had many, many graphic design students that have just finished college tell me that my program was better than their entire education at school.


Let's do a final comparison.

Seminar = miss a day of work, pay $200-1000 for the class, listen to a bunch of stuff that does not fit you.

Buy a book = $40-100, spend a week reading and falling asleep, re-read it again in a year.

Youtube browsing = Free, spend 90% of your time looking at bad information from bozos.

An hour with me = $25, sit at home, hit your needs exactly and understand it!! This rate will be going away soon. I am assuming I will need to raise it soon so that I can balance demand and my available hours.

Let's Schedule your personal meeting today!!! email me.

If you do not use or like paypal, then you can give me your credit card number during the conference, and I will process it then.

Would you rather connect throught Googlehelpouts?

Check me out as I am testing this new technology.


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