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Darrin is a 10 year World Master Class competitor, and a NSCA Level 1 instructor.

He has won High Over All in many different events in competitions including California State, Zone 7, as well as the US Open. RU is his highest achievement at Nationals as an HOA there still eludes him. Always next year!

After learning many techinques of sporting clays shooting, Darrin has proven that his system of moving smarter, and shooting the gap works.

See what you are missing. Gunspeed does not matter once you learn that pull-through shooting is not the way to play sporting clays.





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The 2013 State:
Master 1 FITASC
Master 3 5-Stand
Master 2 .410
HOA three way tie Pump
After 2 years off...not too bad


2011 California State - ALL STATE TEAM - OPEN

2010 California State - ALL STATE TEAM - OPEN

2010 US Open - Pump Master 2

2010 Nationals - 28ga RU

The 2010 State:
Master 2 Main Event
Master 1 FITASC
Master 1 5- Stand
Master 1 Prelim
Master 1 .410
Master 2 Pump

2010 Oregon State-
Master 2 5- Stand
HOA .410

2009 California State - ALL STATE TEAM - OPEN

2009 California State-
Master 1 .410
Master 1 20ga

2009 Oregon State-
Master 1 Out of State

2009 Winter Chanpionships-
HOA 28ga

2009 Nevada State-
Runner Up Pump
Master 1 20ga
Master 1 .410

2008 US OPEN Pump-gun HOA

2008 Western Open- TopGun
Master 2 5- Stand

2008 Nevada State-
Master 1 5- Stand
Master 1 SuperSporting

2007 Nationals-
Master 1 Pump
Master 4 28ga Say Pull Sporting Clays Instruction

2007 California State-
Master 2 Pump
Master 2 28

2006 California State - ALL STATE TEAM - MASTER

2006 Western Open - TopGun
M3 Prelim

2006 Nevada State-
Master 1 20ga

2005 California State-
Master 1 Pump
Master 2 SxS
Master 7 Main

2005 Us Qualifier FITASC-
HOA 5- stand

2004 Oregon State-
Main Out of state Runner up
5-stand Runner up
28Ga Runner up

2004 Double Gun - Hammer Gun HOA

Moved to Master 8-2004

2003 Nationals Pump M1

2002 Zone7 HOA Pump

First Sporting clays event 10-2001

Student of Sporting ClaysDarrin is ready to help you reach the next level in your shooting career. His shooting school- Smart Moves Shooting™ has helped shooters of all classes and ages grasp a better way of inserting and moving a shotgun. It doesnt matter if you are a highgun or lowgun proponent, you can apply the techniques that we teach. So send an email today and get on our schedule for a session this week.

Are you a hunter? Get out your favorite hunting gun and get on our list for game shooting techniques. It will be an unforgettable lesson guaranteed to put more birds in your bag this year.

Learn to practice better, smarter, and build a strong wing shooting move you can rely on.

Private lessons/coaching for all skill levels is available. But if want to save some money, get a group of shooters together for a full day of performance changing information.

He is also available for course setting and design.

Send an e-mail today to set up an appointment. put "sporting" in the subject line of the email so it does not get overlooked.

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